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Sensible Housing Sausalito is committed to helping our community identify & analyze sites to build 724 new units as mandated by the State of California.

We believe in sensible criteria to ensure current and future resident well-being. Including:

  • Sites that can provide the most affordable senior and workforce housing.

  • Sites with good access to transit, groceries, and other services.

  • Sites consistent with our citizen traffic ordinance to minimize congestion.

  • Sites that won’t hinder a citywide evacuation for fires & earthquakes.

  • Sites away from flooding, liquefaction, and toxic hazards.

  • Sites away from noise, fumes, floodlights, and 24/7 operations in the city’s essential industrial and maritime zones.

  • Sites that maintain Sausalito’s three-story 32’ height limits and view corridors.

  • Sites that won’t displace artists, harm the working waterfront or diverse tax base.

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Careful planning makes it possible to site future housing - especially senior and workforce affordable housing - without destroying our town’s historic, maritime, industrial, and art culture and economic engine.

Let’s work together to meet this challenge by working together for sensible solutions.


Get involved. Stay informed. Contact us.

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